MONTREAL GAZETTE | Amanda Mabro and Sebastian Freeman find a new vision in 30 Frames

"Ex-Montrealers Sebastian Freeman and Amanda Mabro didn't approach 30 Frames as anything but an opportunity to create music for the sheer joy of it. “Every time I’ve had that attitude in my life, that’s when good things happen," Mabro said. "Because you’re not chasing after something with this unhealthy fervour.” Read more.


THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER | David Cronenberg Producer Turning Animated Short 'Foxed!' Into Feature Movie (Exclusive)

"[Martin] Katz acquired the worldwide rights to Stewart's stereoscopic 3D short film Foxed! to be made into a stop-motion animated feature from Prospero Pictures and Geneva Film Co." Read more.


VARIETY | Animated Short ‘Foxed!’ to Be Expanded to Feature Film and Virtual Reality Experience

"Director James Stewart’s stop-motion animated short “Foxed!” will be redeveloped as a feature film with an accompanying virtual reality experience for Oculus Rift platform." Read more.


TED | The daily battles of life, cut from paper and animated in 3D

"Kennedy Zielke was called in to animate movement to scenes, and to figure out the transitions between them." Read more.


The Toronto Star | Storm Surfers 3D a sensory splash: review

"FOXED!  is as dark as anything Neil Gaiman ever dreamed up." Read more.


The National Post | Storm Surfers 3D, reviewed: Documentary rides a compelling wave

"Imagine a horrible childhood nightmare put on film, without a happy ending. Technically impressive but oh-so-dark." Read more.